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viernes, 5 de octubre de 2007

How to choose a good domain name

To start an online bussiness you need to choose and register a good domain name,it is
easy giving a name you need to consider it is the vital step to build a nice income
online for you.The domain name must relate to your company's name ,it will do much more
easier people find your business.
You should avoid have a "free" domain name or one from your web hosting company
www.yourwebhost.com/your site) your domain name need to be clear and short that identifies
what your company sells o does it wil entice people surfing the web to visit your site
before somebody's else.

You should understand that taking a good domain name is enterely the description of your
company and you need to purchase it.
What a domain name can't include?
A domain name can have any combination of basic letters and numbers but not letters like "/" or
"&" between two and 67 characters long.
You need have your name short and memorable it is important to notice that your domain
name be easy to spell,remember and pronounce and type. If you want people take a glimse of
your name to be able to remember it when they browse in front of the computer later.
Trying to name your domain with keywords if you can find a domain that contain a few
keywords that the public is serching for you will a step ahead of your competition. Search
engines consider words of heavy in a domain.

The domains registering ".com" have the first option to peole looking for a good domain
instead ".net" ".org" ".biz" ".pro" if you are using these domains instead ".com" you are
losing customers. Habe the option registering other domains like ".net" and ".org" you can
own www.yourcompany.net ,www.yourcompany.org ,t is to prevent people stealing your
traffic or damage in your reputation puting some rude or offensive at ".net" ".org" if you
are planning do business in a specific local market like canada assign codes ".ca"canada
".australia" ".au" or france ".fr"

There are several tools hat you need help brainstorming ideas whois source (www.whois.sc)
It is a free tool let's you know and enter words shows domains which are using and which
are available, wordtracker.com it is a great and valuable tool which shows the popularity
of keywords what the people are looking for.
name boy's gen (www.nameboy.com/gen.php) you can use this random word generator (which uses
the rules in english to generate imaginery words)
www.searchmarketing.yahoo.com/rc/srch this is yahoo keyword selector tool o search valuable
keywords and see what domains you can register before you name it.

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