Digg! Internet marketing how to build a nice income: 07/21/07

sábado, 21 de julio de 2007

How to beat your competition

The internet marketing is a new technology very effective if you know
how to apply having a product or service, the people are looking for
new methods, ways,systems how to improve their lifes,do a job with less
effort earn more money in less time.
The top successful marketers at this moment are earning very good nice
income using the internet marketing, How they are doing it? they are
having more time free taking vacations many of them only work two or
three hours per day the best of them they enjoy their "work".

They had to learn how to have success studying and planning overcoming
troubles,problems ,challenges frustrations they developed sincere
desire will and persistence to their goals.
There are steps to learn here:studying a niche market and locate your
interests it is of vital importance to build a nice income online for
you, brainstorming a list of general markets for each interest you have
looking for demands in a specific keywords tools to find out what
people already are looking for.
Having a market area you are interested focus on. Drill down and
discover where the biggest need is, there are ways to do:

a.Research keywords.- Using keywords tools like wordtracker.com and
yahoo keyword selector tool will discover what keywords are frecuently
searched by your target market-but are not being used by your
b.look newsgroups discussion boards and chat rooms where your target
market hang out .- Only a small percentage of the community participates
in forums and discussion newsgroups,you will discover what they like
and don't what they are looking for,the people visit that places to
doing the same questions to find the same things you will notice
monitoring these discussions the questions appear again and again.
A good place for discussions boards and newsgropus related to your area
of interest is google groups: http://groups.google.com a search review
in major search engines should give the information to get boards and
c.Look out consumer review websites to find out what people like and
dislike your competitor's products .- People have to go these sites
do a complain or rare it is a good place to learn what the public think
about your competeitors or even about you! any good site are:
www.consumerreview.com ,www.epinions.com ,www.consumersearch.com
d. Develop a new product or service by reviewing competitors offers
Are they offering good solutions are they successful? Can you find some
way to improve on their solutions?
Remember you don't have to reinvent the wheel you need to improve on it
notice ,and think of all the industries that make millions of dollars
by improving products that already exist like video games,tooth brushes
running shoes, cars, gasoline,cellphonesClick here,softwares...your competition
may be your source of inspiration, start doing some market search
make the products shinier,safer, more cost efficient.