Digg! Internet marketing how to build a nice income: 12/24/07

lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2007

Autoresponders a vital tool to your e-business

Other feature you need to know to build a nice income online is automate your customer service,nearly of three quarters
of website owners have no idea how to automate their customer service and fewer know how to automate their customer service
When you are starting out ,growing your business traffic,running successful promotions,and you will get personally answering
handful of e-mails each day in hundreds customer inquires,request managing your e-mail will a full time job.
You need to plan your business grow to don't be spending your hours and days chained to your cpmputer replying your
e-mails to your customers,every e-mail individual.
The beauty of doing business online is that you can automate including your customer service. In other words you can set up
your site automatically.instant respond to the inquires of your customers by answering the common questions on your site
(FAQ) provide potential customers ,the exact information they are looking for,when they are visiting your site at the first
time so they can decide to buy.
Capture the e-mail addresses of visitors of your website offering free reports or aerticles,that can be delivered or mailed
when they request them.
Reduce the time you waste on day to day chores you can start growing your business instead of getting tired running it.
An autoresponder is an e-mail tool designed to automatically respond to any requested information like an article report
or frre lesson for anyone that had entered their e-mail address in the box.
when a visitor comes to your site are interested in your product or service salesletter then have any questions to do before
they will consider making a purchase.They will consider making a purchase.They will e-mail at the FAQ@yoursite .com It is
an e-mail you had set up.
There are 10-12 questions thet potential customers ask frecuently instead to responding each person individual you put
together "frecuently asqued questions" FAQ e-mail.You will spent an hour writing this e-mail it is how directs the reader
back to your website to close a sale.The next is set up this FAQ e-mail in an autoresponder,it is when the visitor e-mails
their question to FAQ@yoursite.com they aare automatically sent your FAQ e-mail.It is neat clean,simple.
You anticipade their information
you replied instantly,
You answered their questions,
You made it easy for them,
You look extremely professional,the probability you can close a sale is higher than you had waiting the visitor for a week
your only took an hour write the e-mail and used the autoresoponder.