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martes, 20 de noviembre de 2007

How to take credit cards for your online business

The customers online want instant access to get information, they are impulsive and want everything at this moment now, the other vital thing you have to add in your website is that you must accept credit cards in order to build a nice income online.
If you don't take the option to take credit card you will lose 85% of your business according a search market study.When the customers have to log off their computers to phone you write a check,fill out your order form,address an envelope then put in the mail. Then you can't wait doing any large volume of sales they will just going to purchase from your competitors it must be easy to order for people and it is accepting credit cards payments online.
90% of the most successful sites are placing orders with credit cards giving the opportunity the people to purchase their services or products instantly and capture the sales of impulse buyers automatically. Accepting credit cards will give your business credibility and realiable your clients will trust in you.Accepting credit cards allow you do your work a whole lot easier...accepting credit cards are almost equivalent to cash-no bouncing checks avoiding do many trips to the bank it does mean everything is deposited electronically it is easy to trace orders from customers there is less paper work to do. With 800 numbers you will save time processing orders you will not pay fees for live operators,the most profits is made online.
You must build a professional site that process credit card transactions via secure server that proctects customer's confidential information giving them confidence which they can safely enter their credit card information. Avoid process credit card
transactions over non-secure server leaving your potential customers open to credit fraud intercepting the transmission and "stealing" the information.
Getting your own credit card account with a local bank having a good relationship with your bank they don't require a security deposit.The local banks will set up accounts to retail stores-no mail orders or internet based businesses either they are
charging a very large security deposit (between $5000-$10000).
It is the best option through a broker it is usually easy to get approved ,the brokers offer and especialize getting credit card accounts for online business for the online business full the online application,they have a very high approval rate! even if you have been in bankrupt they can still get you approved if you own a foreign company and want to get US merchants accounts they will help you.They especialize in online and home-based business.
other option here a fulfillment house and use their credit cards accounts.
A fulfillment house is a company that they will take your orders through 800 numbers with live operators,keep track of your customer database,providing customer service,process credit cards,and ship orders these companies have their own merchant accounts and will let you use them to process your orders for a fee.
This company let use their merchant accounts ,you can take credit cards account within 3-5 days because you're using their merchant accounts, they will charge 11-15% for processing fee of selling price visa ,master cards charges them 3% then you're taking the rest for managing your account, setting up your order forms,managing the hassle of mailing your checks for orders you're processing most accounts with this company do not require any set up fees software equipment leasing fees or security deposits.
When you have problems to get merchant account through your local bank,then you may require an international merchant account,just type the word on google to your research.
Paypal's shopping cart is a merchant tool system,don't require you know html to include e-commerce website they will give an integrated merchant account and shopping cart.
Paypal is offering any different option packages but the main and essential, their service is the ability to send money and request money.
To send money:pay for an auction item,split a restaurant bill or rent,pay for an online purchase,pay bills online,send money to another individual.When the funds have been sent,the recipient will notified that an account is waiting for them,they can claim going to paypal.com.
Requesting money:allow individuals and businesses to request funds online :receive secure ,instant payments for auctions.send an invoice to a customer,organize a charityfund ,collect money for a group gift,you can open your account free www.paypal.com It is a good option an attractive solution for your online business.