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lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2007

Autoresponders a vital tool to your e-business

Other feature you need to know to build a nice income online is automate your customer service,nearly of three quarters
of website owners have no idea how to automate their customer service and fewer know how to automate their customer service
When you are starting out ,growing your business traffic,running successful promotions,and you will get personally answering
handful of e-mails each day in hundreds customer inquires,request managing your e-mail will a full time job.
You need to plan your business grow to don't be spending your hours and days chained to your cpmputer replying your
e-mails to your customers,every e-mail individual.
The beauty of doing business online is that you can automate including your customer service. In other words you can set up
your site automatically.instant respond to the inquires of your customers by answering the common questions on your site
(FAQ) provide potential customers ,the exact information they are looking for,when they are visiting your site at the first
time so they can decide to buy.
Capture the e-mail addresses of visitors of your website offering free reports or aerticles,that can be delivered or mailed
when they request them.
Reduce the time you waste on day to day chores you can start growing your business instead of getting tired running it.
An autoresponder is an e-mail tool designed to automatically respond to any requested information like an article report
or frre lesson for anyone that had entered their e-mail address in the box.
when a visitor comes to your site are interested in your product or service salesletter then have any questions to do before
they will consider making a purchase.They will consider making a purchase.They will e-mail at the FAQ@yoursite .com It is
an e-mail you had set up.
There are 10-12 questions thet potential customers ask frecuently instead to responding each person individual you put
together "frecuently asqued questions" FAQ e-mail.You will spent an hour writing this e-mail it is how directs the reader
back to your website to close a sale.The next is set up this FAQ e-mail in an autoresponder,it is when the visitor e-mails
their question to FAQ@yoursite.com they aare automatically sent your FAQ e-mail.It is neat clean,simple.
You anticipade their information
you replied instantly,
You answered their questions,
You made it easy for them,
You look extremely professional,the probability you can close a sale is higher than you had waiting the visitor for a week
your only took an hour write the e-mail and used the autoresoponder.

martes, 20 de noviembre de 2007

How to take credit cards for your online business

The customers online want instant access to get information, they are impulsive and want everything at this moment now, the other vital thing you have to add in your website is that you must accept credit cards in order to build a nice income online.
If you don't take the option to take credit card you will lose 85% of your business according a search market study.When the customers have to log off their computers to phone you write a check,fill out your order form,address an envelope then put in the mail. Then you can't wait doing any large volume of sales they will just going to purchase from your competitors it must be easy to order for people and it is accepting credit cards payments online.
90% of the most successful sites are placing orders with credit cards giving the opportunity the people to purchase their services or products instantly and capture the sales of impulse buyers automatically. Accepting credit cards will give your business credibility and realiable your clients will trust in you.Accepting credit cards allow you do your work a whole lot easier...accepting credit cards are almost equivalent to cash-no bouncing checks avoiding do many trips to the bank it does mean everything is deposited electronically it is easy to trace orders from customers there is less paper work to do. With 800 numbers you will save time processing orders you will not pay fees for live operators,the most profits is made online.
You must build a professional site that process credit card transactions via secure server that proctects customer's confidential information giving them confidence which they can safely enter their credit card information. Avoid process credit card
transactions over non-secure server leaving your potential customers open to credit fraud intercepting the transmission and "stealing" the information.
Getting your own credit card account with a local bank having a good relationship with your bank they don't require a security deposit.The local banks will set up accounts to retail stores-no mail orders or internet based businesses either they are
charging a very large security deposit (between $5000-$10000).
It is the best option through a broker it is usually easy to get approved ,the brokers offer and especialize getting credit card accounts for online business for the online business full the online application,they have a very high approval rate! even if you have been in bankrupt they can still get you approved if you own a foreign company and want to get US merchants accounts they will help you.They especialize in online and home-based business.
other option here a fulfillment house and use their credit cards accounts.
A fulfillment house is a company that they will take your orders through 800 numbers with live operators,keep track of your customer database,providing customer service,process credit cards,and ship orders these companies have their own merchant accounts and will let you use them to process your orders for a fee.
This company let use their merchant accounts ,you can take credit cards account within 3-5 days because you're using their merchant accounts, they will charge 11-15% for processing fee of selling price visa ,master cards charges them 3% then you're taking the rest for managing your account, setting up your order forms,managing the hassle of mailing your checks for orders you're processing most accounts with this company do not require any set up fees software equipment leasing fees or security deposits.
When you have problems to get merchant account through your local bank,then you may require an international merchant account,just type the word on google to your research.
Paypal's shopping cart is a merchant tool system,don't require you know html to include e-commerce website they will give an integrated merchant account and shopping cart.
Paypal is offering any different option packages but the main and essential, their service is the ability to send money and request money.
To send money:pay for an auction item,split a restaurant bill or rent,pay for an online purchase,pay bills online,send money to another individual.When the funds have been sent,the recipient will notified that an account is waiting for them,they can claim going to paypal.com.
Requesting money:allow individuals and businesses to request funds online :receive secure ,instant payments for auctions.send an invoice to a customer,organize a charityfund ,collect money for a group gift,you can open your account free www.paypal.com It is a good option an attractive solution for your online business.

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007

How to make your own newsletter

Another feature you need to know to build a nice income online is make your own newsletter,anyone with an online business has to consider it,here is:
*You will collect opt-in e-mail adresses to build list of subscribers
*build your credibility in your field /area and develop relationship with your subscribers to make buying decisions.
*It is almost free develop your newsletter
Collecting opt-in e-mail adress to build list of subscribers
By offering a free newsletter is the best way to collect e-mail addresses in these days because spam is a big problem for most people.Handling with unsolicited e-mails fulled in their boxes.
However the people which is looking for information and they had signed or entered their personal information for your business will glad to subscribe to your newsletter.Is necessary make that your newsletter has to stand out from the crowd to get more subscribers.
A good newsletter is which people read loyally,excelent industry resource and that attracts a high number of opt-ins.
You have to communicate regularly with your subscribers giving them valuable information,let they know you trust in you and become loyal customers.
Writing a newsletter for subscribers represent the perfect,targeted marketing oportunity. They're familiar with you and your business,they already want your product or service and your sales material,they want know about you have to say, the main reason which you are starting your online newsletter,it is the best thing you have to do for your business and a powerful way to establish credibility in your industry or field with your potential clients or subscribers.It is one of the most
effective methods of attracting new subscribers and start building your opt-in
Having a regular communication with your readers you will make trust and respect,when your readers trust and value your opinion and judgement most of them will buy from you! puting and establishing your credibility is the way to make your
products or service attractive to potential customers it will give advantage over
your competiition. It is important for your online business develop relationship
with your potential customers by doing that you will build a nice income online.
By example having two competitors in the same field or industry which they are
offering similar product but one of the two has built a relationship with a potential customer,is obvious which of the two will get a sale.
It is almost free develop your newsletter
Develop your online newsletter is easy only you have to write ,to produce,making
the comparison to the paper-pushing days of old,when a newsletter had to be printed,stuffed in an envelope,addressed to a subscriber,stamped and mailed,and you had to make over and over again.
Today if you have a right software sending your own online software is almost free
You can send as many newsletters as you want,it can be made hands free,If you have
trouble writing your newsletter find out someone to write then send to your subscriber list. Writing your newsletter lets you show how great you are by sharing your expertise with your prospects you're giving people a taste of you and
educating them why they need your product or service.

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

How to write a good sales letter I

The best and successful marketers have a special care writing a sales letter
Describing the benefits of a product or service and it have to be a long sales
Sales letter to build a nice income online. There are two good reasons.

A long sales letter take the reader's attention on your offer if you have an option
To click to a new page it will cause 40 to 80% lost of them ,it works because
Doesn’t distract readers ,visitors of unnecessary clicks or choices.
A long sales letter guide ,walk,readers ,visitors, through the critical stages of the
Sales process create excitement establish credibility,build value,remove the
Risk,and ask for the order ,all need to happen following the precise order
Allowing you to guide your readers towards important buying decision with
The expertise of an experienced sales person.

Step 1.-write your headline and subheadline .- the both are most important part
Of your sales letter,you have to grab the reader’s attention, it is the first thing
They will see get them excited then write them into your sales letter.
A good headline must to communicate a compelling benefit for a create problem
That let visitors what they NEED, your letter sales to find the solution and solve
The problem,give “power” in your words like: free,sale,easy,quick, guaranteed
bargain,proven,results,save you. There are powerful headlines that promise an
end result like “ know to” or headlines that makes take action for example “how
to learn” ,”discover how” ,”increase your” ”how to become”,”reduce” “stop
wasting” “learn the secrets” “arise your income” “stop wasting money marketing
your own website learn successful and proven techniques and get unstoppable
It creates a serious problem for the reader-stop wasting money marketing your
Own website- It promotes a great benefit as part of the solution to this problem
-learn successful and proven techniques and get unstoppable traffic”.This
Attract the right audience it makes exciting to keep reading as heck!
Step 1.- Establish your credibility.-post the statements of your satisfied clients
Step 2.-Creating the problem.-You need write a headline or subheadline to grab
Your reader’s attention ,they will interest and will lead to first paragraph and
Have a discussion of the problem to your reader making you that they need your
Product or service give you a reason to continue reading to solve the problem.
Step 3.-Establishing credibility You need to figure out that your readers would
Feel confortable enough to buy your product or servive when the testimonials
Coming of grab one the best and post at the top of the sales letter.
Step 4.- Telling the story.-make your sales letter friendly and fun tell your
Readers you have create your product or service why you developed a new
Service how did you start.
Step 5.- Put yourself in the reader’s case .- before you want to convince your
Audience that you offer a solution for the problem then you have to put clear
That you understand the problem then you have created a website for that
Identifying with the readers problems.
Step6.-Give an overview of your solution.- Here is where you can expand on
On the resolution of the problem you don’t have to explain how your
Product or service works,you just need to provide your offer benefits of
Your product or service.A list of points which they are easy to read.
*How to increase the traffic site in 400% *two things you have to do to
Get a free traffic* discover the secrets that gurus are using to get traffic.

viernes, 5 de octubre de 2007

How to choose a good domain name

To start an online bussiness you need to choose and register a good domain name,it is
easy giving a name you need to consider it is the vital step to build a nice income
online for you.The domain name must relate to your company's name ,it will do much more
easier people find your business.
You should avoid have a "free" domain name or one from your web hosting company
www.yourwebhost.com/your site) your domain name need to be clear and short that identifies
what your company sells o does it wil entice people surfing the web to visit your site
before somebody's else.

You should understand that taking a good domain name is enterely the description of your
company and you need to purchase it.
What a domain name can't include?
A domain name can have any combination of basic letters and numbers but not letters like "/" or
"&" between two and 67 characters long.
You need have your name short and memorable it is important to notice that your domain
name be easy to spell,remember and pronounce and type. If you want people take a glimse of
your name to be able to remember it when they browse in front of the computer later.
Trying to name your domain with keywords if you can find a domain that contain a few
keywords that the public is serching for you will a step ahead of your competition. Search
engines consider words of heavy in a domain.

The domains registering ".com" have the first option to peole looking for a good domain
instead ".net" ".org" ".biz" ".pro" if you are using these domains instead ".com" you are
losing customers. Habe the option registering other domains like ".net" and ".org" you can
own www.yourcompany.net ,www.yourcompany.org ,t is to prevent people stealing your
traffic or damage in your reputation puting some rude or offensive at ".net" ".org" if you
are planning do business in a specific local market like canada assign codes ".ca"canada
".australia" ".au" or france ".fr"

There are several tools hat you need help brainstorming ideas whois source (www.whois.sc)
It is a free tool let's you know and enter words shows domains which are using and which
are available, wordtracker.com it is a great and valuable tool which shows the popularity
of keywords what the people are looking for.
name boy's gen (www.nameboy.com/gen.php) you can use this random word generator (which uses
the rules in english to generate imaginery words)
www.searchmarketing.yahoo.com/rc/srch this is yahoo keyword selector tool o search valuable
keywords and see what domains you can register before you name it.

domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007

How to profit with autoresponders and build a nice income

To have success online ,the marketers need to understand how the
consumers use the internet and see what really want the people like
going online because it is providing instant access to the information
for them.It is what they are looking for, using autoresponders in your
online business will help to build a nice income.
If you want to get the benefit on people's appetite for instant
gratification has been the great success of just about every online
business.You can research a product check out the competition,shop
around for the best price have the product paid for on its way to your
doorstep in few minutes.
The autoresponders are powerful marketing tools because it is
costumer's desire to get instant gratification work to your advantage
what are autoresponders?are small e-mail programs that automatically
send predetermined messages to someone who request information from
When a visitor comes to your website and looks whatever you are
offering a report, a free e-book,a newsletter,they enter their e-mail
address and ready !The report is INSTANTLY delivered to their inbox
with an e-mail. The autoresponders provides your visitors with the
information that they were looking for. It saves you the trouble of
manually sending them.
The best part of autoresponder is that you have their e-mail address
to receive information and have a record of it.They will target with
e-mail promotions.
The internet marketing without autoresponders would have been endless
hours of boring e-mail chores. Autoresponders are the key to put your
business on autopilot offering a good customer service,they are also
the solid base of an incredible powerful marketing strategy. Internet
has grown a great scale for one reason, it provides instant and exact
information on the time when people need it.
You have to satisfy your visitor's need for instant gratification if
you just post that information at your site,your visitors will read
through it,leaving your site and never return again.

Autoresponders are the way to providing instant access to qualify
information and ensuring that you are able to keep visitors coming
back to your site. Give your visitors the kik information what they
need or looking for,you capture their e-mail addresses to so you can
keep marketing to them in the future.

Using autoresponders will bring a quality of customer service,
according double click,98% of online shoppers expect e-mail order
confirmation,88% expect shipping information,and 77% expect billing
information all by autoresponder,because instant confirmatiomn do alot
to boost the credibility of your company.Click here

martes, 25 de septiembre de 2007

How to automate your e-business

Starting an online business and build a nice income is not an over night
success it takes sometime and do any work yourself.The beauty of online
business is that you can automate enterely and save the chores by doing
manually and see the profits like the clocks works. To have success in
your online business you need to do a good choose of your web host.

It is really most important decision you will make when you want to start
an online business.Your webhost will your business partner because it
will responsible for presenting your website-your business to the world
and will responsible for ensuring that your website is always up running
at great speed.
If your website is constantly down you can sure that you're losing
money! you need good choose to start your online business and build a
nice income online.
If you don't have a good web host your business is going out and leaving
in the lurch.
your website(s) will down 20% of the time.Your security measures will
lack because the hacker free reign.You will save many hundreds or
thousands of dollars.
your website is out for 5 hours a month
you will need to spend days chasing for the technical problem
you will lose all your information of your site content by fail the
Your web host is so important because will connecting your website with
your clients.
Requirements to look for in a web host
You should consider some things for have a good web host.
Secure server capabilities.-If you are going to be selling online,you
must have it,which allow private information such as credit card to be
sent through your website without fear of interception,when you start
doing money. It is very important.
Unrestricted CGI access.-Your website need to use cgi programs at some
time,so you need have full cgi-bin access don't use web host not allow
this! SSH and fTP to transfer files back and forth between your local
computers and your web server.
Web based administration.-A quality web host will provide a web-based
administration,interface that allow you to manage your server via web.
Full e-mail services.-Your web host should offer full e-mail services
including pop mailboxes,they are standar with good quality web host.
Services script softwares.-A good quality web host company should have
scripts that you need to use to add a guess book,forms ,statistics,
they should be prepared for e-commerce tools.
What you should avoid have in a web host:
Having your website hosted by your internet service provider you need
make a decision where you have your website by your internet service
provider of in a company web hosting?
You should avoid free services many people who are new to online
marketing make the mistake of making to save a few extra dollars, by
choosing a free or low costs web host, it will have negative effects on
their businesses