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martes, 25 de septiembre de 2007

How to automate your e-business

Starting an online business and build a nice income is not an over night
success it takes sometime and do any work yourself.The beauty of online
business is that you can automate enterely and save the chores by doing
manually and see the profits like the clocks works. To have success in
your online business you need to do a good choose of your web host.

It is really most important decision you will make when you want to start
an online business.Your webhost will your business partner because it
will responsible for presenting your website-your business to the world
and will responsible for ensuring that your website is always up running
at great speed.
If your website is constantly down you can sure that you're losing
money! you need good choose to start your online business and build a
nice income online.
If you don't have a good web host your business is going out and leaving
in the lurch.
your website(s) will down 20% of the time.Your security measures will
lack because the hacker free reign.You will save many hundreds or
thousands of dollars.
your website is out for 5 hours a month
you will need to spend days chasing for the technical problem
you will lose all your information of your site content by fail the
Your web host is so important because will connecting your website with
your clients.
Requirements to look for in a web host
You should consider some things for have a good web host.
Secure server capabilities.-If you are going to be selling online,you
must have it,which allow private information such as credit card to be
sent through your website without fear of interception,when you start
doing money. It is very important.
Unrestricted CGI access.-Your website need to use cgi programs at some
time,so you need have full cgi-bin access don't use web host not allow
this! SSH and fTP to transfer files back and forth between your local
computers and your web server.
Web based administration.-A quality web host will provide a web-based
administration,interface that allow you to manage your server via web.
Full e-mail services.-Your web host should offer full e-mail services
including pop mailboxes,they are standar with good quality web host.
Services script softwares.-A good quality web host company should have
scripts that you need to use to add a guess book,forms ,statistics,
they should be prepared for e-commerce tools.
What you should avoid have in a web host:
Having your website hosted by your internet service provider you need
make a decision where you have your website by your internet service
provider of in a company web hosting?
You should avoid free services many people who are new to online
marketing make the mistake of making to save a few extra dollars, by
choosing a free or low costs web host, it will have negative effects on
their businesses

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